Allergy Testing


Patients for Allergy Testing may be seen at the office or at the Paediatric Ambulatory Clinic at NRGH. Any child with a history of  a serious reaction to a food, or a child that needs an oral allergy challenge, will be booked at the hospital where there is close medical monitoring.


Even though your child might be referred to Dr. Pegg for allergy testing, it is not always indicated. Come prepared for the testing but understand that it is only done if medically indicated.


It is important to be off all antihistamines for 5 days prior to an appointment for allergy testing, as antihistamines can interfere with the test results. It is fine to continue all asthma medications and nose sprays.


Allergy tests are done by applying a small drop of the test solutions on to the skin (usually the forearm)

and then piercing the skin superficially with a special lancet. It is minimally painful but can be frightening

for some children. 


Usually only a few tests are required. It takes about 5 minutes after the tests are applied to read them.

Positive tests (red bumps) usually go away quickly and no treatment is needed.

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