About Oceanview Paediatrics


Our office has five paediatricians who provide consulting care only. All patients seen by a paediatrician are referred by another health care provider (another physician, nurse practitioner, or midwife).


Consultant paediatricians see children for a specific problem only. They do not provide routine healthcare, immunizations, or "checkups". These services are generally provided by a family physician or nurse practitioner. New patients can be referred up to their 17th birthday.


In association with the University of British Columbia, and University of Victoria, our office provides teaching and clinical experience for a number of medical learners. All patients will be seen by the paediatrician, but may be also seen by a trainee for part of the appointment.


Our office does not provide emergency or after hours care.  For urgent care concerns, you should contact your family physician or, in an emergency, you should proceed to the nearest Emergency Room.


Patients with health concerns who require ongoing review by their paediatrician will need re referral from their family physician every 6 months. Some family physicians will do this electronically, however, we encourage all patients to continue to see their GP on a regular basis to ensure they continue to be closely involved in your child's care.


  • Dr. Jane Pegg is a general consulting paediatrician  who sees children with all concerns with a special interest in the assessment of children with allergic disease, such as asthma, allergies and eczema, including allergy testing. She has established an Allergy Clinic at NRGH for assessment of food allergy.

  • Dr. Michelle Francis is a general consulting paediatrician with a special interest and additional training in the assessment of developmental concerns, in particular ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and FASD. She also does assessments for the CDC and CDBC programs.

  • Dr. Francine Ling is a general consulting paediatrician who sees children with all concerns, with a special interest and additional training in youth with Eating Disorders, helping to establish our ED clinic at NRGH.

  • Dr. Jennifer Kouwenberg  is a general consulting paediatrician who sees children with all concerns, with special interest and additional training in Eating Disorders, helping in establishing our ED clinic at NRGH. Other interests include Obesity, Aboriginal Health care, and Preventative medicine. She also has been instrumental in establishing a new family centred model to care for infants with neonatal withdrawal syndrome at NRGH.

  • Dr. Bhavika Patel is a general consulting paediatrician who sees children with all concerns, with special interest in neonatal follow up, asthma, and ADHD. She is our newest paediatrician to our group!


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