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In order to make your child's appointment as efficient as possible, we will ask you to fill out forms in advance. You will be notified which forms to complete or have your child's teacher complete. These are fillable PDF files that you can complete on your computer using Adobe Acrobat or other PDF Filler programs and email to or, if you prefer, you may print them out and fax, mail, or drop them off at the office.
We have also included some forms that you or your child's teacher may find useful for tracking response to treatment.
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Questions? Call Sandy at:
General Information
Filling Out a Form
ADHD/Behaviour Difficulties
Motor Incoordination
Anxiety/Mood Disorders
Disability Tax Credit

Uninsured Services

Dr. Francis is happy to provide school letters to advocate for your child, complete various forms for schools or other funding agencies, or fill out the Disability Tax Credit application (if appropriate). These are not covered under MSP and are subject to an additional charge. You will be asked to pay prior to receiving the documents. We can send you an invoice that you can pay online, or we accept cash, cheque or debit/credit card at the office. Please let Dr. Francis know if you have limited financial means, as we do not wish this to be a barrier to service.

$20 - School or funding request letters

$25 - School Diagnostic Verification Form

$50 - Disability Tax Credit Application

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