What is the CYAN Clinic?

The Complex Youth ADHD Nanaimo (CYAN) clinic is a low-barrier multidisciplinary clinic for children and youth with suspected or diagnosed ADHD who require additional supports due to:

  • Co-morbid diagnoses

  • Family stressors

  • School barriers

  • Treatment failure

Referrals must come from a physician or nurse practitioner. However, you can speak to your child's school to get help in initiating this process if you don't have a doctor.

Information will be gathered by our Family Support Liaison in advance of a consultation with Dr. Francis. With your permission, we will also contact your child's school case manager to discuss their concerns and support services already in place. This will enable the team to consider your child's unique situation and provide a comprehensive diagnostic and treatment plan. Depending on you and your child's needs, additional assessments may be arranged. Treatment plans may include provision of resources, connection to allied health services, and/or medication. Your child's plan will be communicated back to his/her/their school team so that supports are wrapped around your child and family.


Follow-up will be arranged by the team as needed.

Questions? Call Michelle Surtees at: 778.402.3663

E-mail: CYAN@oceanviewpaediatrics.com


Identify a need for complex ADHD care & treatment

Doctor/NP sends referral form to CYAN clinic

Caregivers will complete consent forms

Family Support Liaison will reach out to caregivers and school Case Manager

After an assessment by Dr. Francis, diagnosis and treatment plans will be shared with the child's team

The CYAN Team

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You will be asked to have some of these forms completed prior to your consultation. If you have any questions or need assistance in completing the forms, please contact Michelle Surtees at: 778-402-3663




You may be referred directly by your family physician, paediatrician, or nurse practitioner to the CYAN Clinic.

Dr. Francis may also identify some patients based on the information in their general referral as appropriate to receive the enhanced supports of the CYAN Clinic.